Do you work to improve outcomes for children and young people and the wider community? Are you an educator, entrepreneur, philanthropist, chief executive or senior leader looking for additional support? Do you work for a school, charity, social enterprise or local or national organisation that’s seeking help in maximising, explaining and showcasing your impact? Are you trying to figure out how to implement a new approach to your work? Do you hate it when people put lots of questions right up front? Me too.  I can’t believe I just did that.

I bring my experience as a teacher, non-profit worker, founder, chief exec, trustee, writer and researcher to work with (phenomenal) people looking to solve problems, or find new ways of learning, or work better together and with others, or tell their stories. I’ve worked with boards of trustees who were trying to define, or to redefine, their theory of change and strategy, and then share it with the world. I’ve worked with a media company who was trying to engage young people in politics. I’ve worked with senior leaders who were trying to make space to reflect on their own leadership style and goals. I’ve worked with a legal team who spent so much time fighting for the rights of marginalised children that they had barely any comms. And I’ve worked with individuals who were trying to find the crevices for innovation within large, clunky, spent organisations.  I love researching stuff, listening to people, testing solutions, refining them, writing all sorts of things and asking lots of questions.

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