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Eugenie TeasleyI have extensive experience in education, charities and social entrepreneurship both in the UK and the USA.  I have spent many years working at grassroots level to transform the lives of marginalised children and young people. I have been a teacher. I’ve worked for several youth charities. I’ve even founded and run a youth charity of my own.  

My work has led me to becoming a Clore Social Leadership Fellow 2014 and I have written about my experience on it for The Guardian’s Voluntary Sector blog. Including where I’ve messed up. I have been an inaugural GLG Social Impact Fellow, and was named one of the 35 Women Under 35 in the UK in 2014. But the question remains: will I be one of the 65 under 65? Does that even exist? *Frantically does quick google search*. No, it doesn’t. Yet. 

In December 2015 I published research on the link between leadership and pedagogy, aka how to be a boss boss. Skim, explore and download lots of useful stuff on how to bring out the best in your teams right here: toteachtolead.wordpress.com.

Find me on Twitter: @eugenieee. Find me in real life in Brighton, UK. Find my full CV here: uk.linkedin.com/in/eugenieteasley